Grass-Fed Beef, the Healthy Red Meat

Recently, there was an article from Harvard Health Publishing stating that white meat raises “bad” cholesterol just like red meat. This is typical of almost all nutrition-based articles online in making the assumption that all meat is equal. Well, apparently grass-fed beef wasn’t used in their research of red meats.

Even coming from a prestigious organization as Harvard, they still get things wrong. Meat can be healthy, you just need to look farther back to realize which one is healthy and which are not.

Think about this. If the cow is unhealthy, will the milk and beef from that cow be healthy? No. Healthy meat can actually lower your cholesterol levels while unhealthy meat raises cholesterol.

Cows are animals that need to eat to stay alive, just like humans. If we understand the point that we need to watch what we eat to stay healthy, shouldn’t it be the same with all other animals that eat as well?

Therefore, we now have this movement of going back to grass-fed beef. Healthy cows are raised in grass pastures where they can roam freely and eat its natural diet of grass. Unhealthy cows are packed closely together on dirt pastures or even caged while being fed grains.

So what makes the meat healthy or unhealthy? It’s primarily the fats. And no, not all fat is unhealthy. You’ve undoubtedly heard that Omega 3 and Olive Oil, just to name a couple, are healthy. Well, these are all fats. I’ll leave the discussion on the misconceptions of fats to another article.

Commercialized cow farms feed their cows grains. First off, grains are not a cow’s natural diet and secondly, all grains increase inflammation in your body. Some more than others. Not only that, these farms typically inject antibiotics and growth hormones. Think about it, why would they inject antibiotics? Because how they are raising the cows is unhealthy!

Research has shown that grass-fed beef has higher amounts of healthy fats like Omega 3, up to 5 times higher actually than grain-fed beef. It’s got a better ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids and higher amounts of Vitamin A, E, and antioxidants.

Does this mean that you can go to an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ if they served grass-fed beef all day, every day and stay healthy? No. Everything in moderation, please. Our bodies are healthier if we eat a variety of healthy foods, which can now include healthy grass-fed beef.

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