When I first went gluten-free, it was due to many health symptoms I was experiencing from digestive issues to joint pain and more, not as a weight-loss diet. None of the doctors and specialists could figure out the cause of my symptoms so I had to figure it out on my own.

Within the first month of going gluten-free, my joint pain disappeared as well as many other symptoms. My constantly bloated stomach flattened, I felt more energized and was able to have better workouts. Over time, I lost 15lbs and still losing a little bit more to hit my ideal weight. I felt better, healthier, and stronger, which is the reason for my weight loss.

When people see that I’ve lost weight and someone mentioned that I went gluten-free, they all say that they should do the “gluten-free diet” as well. People, GLUTEN-FREE IS NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS DIET!

I and millions of others had to go gluten-free because we’re either Celiac or Gluten-Intolerant. For us, gluten affects our bodies and wreaks havoc, if you will. It can cause widespread inflammation in the body, which it did for me. My joint pain got so severe at one point that I couldn’t walk. I literally had to push myself around on my butt to get around the house on occasion.

For those who are Celiac, Gluten actually damages the intestinal lining and because of this, the otherall health of the body diminishes. You tend to always feel weak and tired among many other symptoms that you didn’t think would be related.

Before I went gluten-free, my workouts at the gym or at home didn’t feel productive. Even if I did push-ups every day, I still couldn’t get past being able to do 25 push-ups in one set. If I didn’t do push-ups for a month, I would struggle to hit 15 push-ups.

After I went gluten-free, I could now easily do 25 push-ups in one set even if I haven’t done push-ups in months. I now have more stamina and energy and I can actually see the outline of my abs starting to form now. Six-pack here I come!

I didn’t lose weight by eliminating gluten from my diet. I lost weight because I got healthier from eliminating the one thing that was hurting me.

Maybe the reason why many restaurants don’t take gluten-free dishes seriously is that they also see this as just a diet, not a health concern.

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